Since 2008 upon the release of the Canon Eos 5D mk2 my forays into have video increased exponentially having previously experimented with small cameras in the past,after doing behind the scenes work on Justina “Omo Too Sexy” video ,I was invited to DOP for the first time on the highly successfull video for 166 Family “Pu Yanga”. (BigBoyzTV).


That led to a succession of videos as cameraman/DOP with BigBoyzTV and then others with my first solo Project being the also hugely popular Adasnoop “Naija Girl” video which I shot ,directed and edited alone.


In 2013 I was nominated for a BEFFTA award for Dola Billz “No Gocking” video, and at the same time won both a BEFFTA and NUBA award for myself-produced and edited Afro-centric Web based TV interview show “Tea with the Duchess”,which ran for 35 episodes through 2013 and included interviews with notable people in Music,Film,Politics and Media.(Seun Tizzle/Mayor Kate Anolue/Dayo Israel/Adot Comedian/NNeka)


Alongside my African work I have also continued to work with Asian artists such as Arjun and Zack Knight (formerly Zeekay ) notably on Zack Knight “When I’m Gone” and Arjun “Stargazer” video , and more recently many productions with Hi Tec Music in Birmingham including “Dil Mein Hara” for Khiza & Soni J , and “Man Di Naahi” for Bloodline.


Going forward to larger more complex productions in 2014 and beyond , I am still producing the interview show “New Spirit TV” with presenter Alexis Constantinou which focuses on Holistic health and healthy eating , and I plan to move into short films.