Brian Would offers a wide range of services, in the photography and video. a professional service pre-planning prior to the day of shoot as well as a consultation service to help discuss your needs for your project.

Prices all based on client, bespoke services are available upon request;

E-mail: for more information

Media is supplied by Digital Transfer or on DVD disc as required


  • Short One hour photography shoot £200 *up to 4 provided retouched photos will be given


  • Standard photography shoot *£350 (maximum 4 hours)


  • Full day photography shoot £600 (up to 8 hours, additional hours @£100 p/h TBA)


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We meet to discuss format and details as every video is different and the budget reflects the complexity and concepts used.

  • Half a day video shoot *All footage taken will be given to client


  • Full day video shoot *All footage taken will be given to client


For more information contact


Extra Services

  • Additional retouched images as bespoke individual prices
  • Video editing services can be discussed with Brian Would
  • Traveling to bespoke locations (With all expenses covered)
  • Hiring of extra staff /assistants on set * am not liable for any materials supplied by assistant, and they are optional as quality may vary!
  • Extra fashion and styling services are available prior to the day of shoot

Please not these services are not included in Brian Would costs, as this will differ per client



The following is some of the Equipment that Brian Would has available to me without incurring further costs , any additional kit would be hired additional cost added to the final fee


  • Canon Cameras : EOS 5DMK2/ EOS 6D /EOS 70D with new Dual CMOS Live Autofocusing.
  • Lenses: 50mm F1.2 / 85mm F1.2 / 17-40mm F4L/15mm F2.8 Fisheye/70-200mm F4 L/20mm F1.4 Sigma/105mm F2.8 macro Sigma
  • 4x Elinchrom softbox + snoot+beauty dish
  • 2x 4bulb Daylight balanced VIDEO continous softbox lights/
  • 1000w LED ring light (fantastic for Music videos!)
  • 500w Overhead sparkler daylight
  • Video tripod fluid head/2x static tripods/60cm video slider.
  • Motorized Panning head up to 340°L-R or 15°UP /DOWN

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